Fame and fortune- DAV!D&CLARA. Second version. I made this using the VideoFX app on google play. Just for fun. With this app it’s incredibly easy to use. I love it.

Earthquake (Clara’s Hyper Rock edit)

The song “Earthquake (Clara’s Hyper Rock Edit)" is a reverbnation exclusive. The MP3 album of "Emotion Machine" sold from the reverb store will have it included as a bonus track.

My good friend , Rachel Lynn Sebastian is competing for a once in a lifetime chance. Please help her out. You get a free song download and you get to help out a hard working musician. An incredibe woman.

From Scratch

So because I know the copyright rules of “previously released content” the next album coming after ‘Emotion Machine’ will have stuff made from scratch. Which isn’t too hard. I remember telling people Emotion Machine would only have about 8 tracks but turned into 11. The next release will be about 8 songs.

Throwback Gems : Valerie Dore “The night”

"A slice of pure italo disco magic"

EP or LP?

Should I make my new material into a LP or an EP?

To new followers

thank you so much for following my blog. It really means a lot to me.

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